Addresses of POP3 IMAP SMTP servers, general settings for e-mail programs

To set up the e-mail program you need the following information:

1. Your email address (mailbox name / e-mail address). This is the full name of your mailbox, including login, the "@" symbol and domain name.
For example: it will be login

2. Address of the incoming mail server (IMAP/POP3 server):
    Server ports:
    POP3 = 110,  POP3s SSL = 995;

    IMAP4 = 143,  IMAPs SSL = 993;

3. Address of the outgoing mail server (SMTP server):
    Server ports
 SMTP = 25 
     SMTP = 587 (STARTTLS).
 SMTP server requires authentication for outgoing email sending.
 In the settings of your email program, you must specify that the outgoing mail server uses:
4. Username for the POP3 server - mailbox name without the domain and without "@" symbol.
    For example, for the address username is "login".

5. Password - the current password you use to log in to your mailbox.